Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wednesday's Words! Encouragement from God's Word

(C) Allen Pearson

"Create in me a clean heart,
O God,
and renew a right spirit within me."

- Psalms 51:10, ESV

Monday, June 18, 2018

Railroad Photography! Art of the Freight Cars, Rail Art Series, 1

"Blue Freight Through Belvoir Virginia"
Art of the Freight Cars, Rail Art Series, 1
(C) Allen Pearson

Art? Yes, art. Though many people consider the graffiti painted on freight cars as graffiti, vandalism, and destroying railroad property, which is my thoughts, it isn't going away so I've decided to create  "artful" beauty of it in this photograph and in my series, "Art of the Freight Cars, Rail Art Series."

For me, freight trains and the myriad of railroad cars have always been a fascination for me. There are cars hauling fuels, oil, foodstuff, computers, new cars, chemicals, and almost everything you have or use or see in your daily life.

I am not sure why trains, especially freight and coals, keep me so fascinated. It's not unlike me to take an afternoon, get my dog Noah, grab my camera, and my radio scanner and head out to the local railroad crossing and watch these awesome machines go through town.

The "Blue Freight Through Belvoir, Virginia" is available on printed products including traditional quality archival papers you can frame, metal, canvas, standouts, posters, and notecards. To learn more, please visit my Railroads Photography Gallery.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sunday's Thought!

"Antique Car"
(C) Allen Pearson

Father’s Day!

Father’s Day has rolled around once again. Since my father passed away a few years ago after a tragic fall, I haven’t had reason to celebrate or commemorate the day so I usually let it go by- kind of ignoring it. However, the day does remind me of how awesome my father was.

In many ways, I didn’t “celebrate” Father’s Day in the way many people do when my father was alive. Oh, I know, you think I am a horrible human and need to re-think things or be punished somehow.

Well, no. Why do I need a holiday or a designated day to honor my father? I should be doing that all the time, year-round, showing my love for him. Granted, Father’s Day is the only time you can get those goofy greeting cards that never really say what you want it to say so you buy one that’s kinda close t your thoughts.

Over the years, I took time to do things with my father such as grilling steaks, going to the car shows in Washington D.C., going to Tower Records and Bookstores, enjoying music together, doing some home repairs together which was a favorite thing of his, and I made sure he knew that I loved him.
"Car Show in Manassas"
(C) Allen Pearson

Yes, ultimately, I celebrated Father’s day with my father and honored him. We usually went out to dinner somewhere and gave him a gift. It was later in life that I learned what he liked most were the many times we celebrated the day with my grilling dinner for him.

My father was a Christian man with a strong faith in God. He read his Bible and had devotions every day and he lived a life that he thought would be pleasing to God. He took his family to church every Sunday and Wednesday. When the church had a revival or any other special event, he took us to it. I remember we had family devotions too. His Christian example was the greatest gift that my father could have ever given me. Though he could not “make” me a Christian because it’s a decision I would have to make, he led the example that caused me to consider becoming a Christian and eventually do so.

As you celebrate Father’s Day, remember to tell your father you love him. If you live near your father, take him to dinner and give him a big hug. Be sure to tell him “thank you” for all he has done for you. After all, without him, you wouldn’t be here or be the person you are.

Happy Father’s Day.

If you would like to learn about becoming a Christian, please visit Peace With God.

"Car Show in Manassas"
(C) Allen Pearson