Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lord, Keep Me Safe and After the Storm

A poet was inspired by an image I posted on my Facebook "Like" page and website. I like it and want to share with you.
Keep Me Safe
I saw the storm clouds gathering
I prayed – Lord, keep me safe
With all your might and majesty
Protect this lowly waif
Not just from Mother Nature
From all evil stalking me
Part the clouds of doubt and sin
So your bright light I might see
For as the Bible tells us
You’re the light and you’re the way
Guide me and protect me
Keep me safe, I pray.

Mdailey 8/26/10

After the Storm
After the storm has passed us
Red clouds dot the sky
Reflecting hell’s own fire storm
That somehow passed us by
Then all at once the clouds part
Bright rays come shining through
Reminding us that God’s still there
No matter what we do
So when your life is stormy
And red cloud’s all you see
Remember God’s still with you
And His light will set you free.
Mdailey 8/26/10