Thursday, March 15, 2012

Macro Photography and Gardening 2

"Black Bee on Arizona Blanket Flower"
Yesterday, I started discussing Macro Photography.  This is an area of photography that has captured my attention and I will be focusing on it as the garden season begins.  When I am working in my gardens, I keep my camera ready and close by.  Also, I tend to keep it in my camera bag or covered with something so that when I totally forget it's there and I am using the water hose, it doesn't get ruined.

This image was taken with the 1:1 macro lens.  The lens allowed me to get up close and capture the detail of the bee.  I was laying on the ground trying to capture this and get as close as I can.  However, you don't want to "disturb" the bees, so you need to pay attention to their movement. If they move away when you get close, back off a bit and try again.  These bees generally do not sting, but if they feel closed in or under attack, that can change.  I use the theory, "respect the bee", and have gotten some good shots.    

This bee is gathering nectar on an Arizona Blanket Flower was is a perennial is our area depending on the severity of the winter.   This year, I think everything survived the winter since it rarely got that cold- my kind of winter!