Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Macro Photography and Gardening

"Red Tulips in the Sun"
I love this time of year, although not my favorite, it ranks pretty close to it.  We are coming out of winter and headed to spring.

As I am cleaning up winter's debris and stuff left over from last fall, I am noticing the plants are starting to show. I am careful when cleaning up, not to pull out any new growth.

When I am working in the garden, or even just looking at what I need to do, I love to have my camera with a macro lens on handy.  A macro lens will allow me to get great close-up images of flowers, birds, bugs or anything else I would like with incredible detail.  

I use what's called a "1:1" macro lens which means it's a dedicated macro lens, not a "zoom" or a "close-up" or any variation thereof.  When I was shopping for a lens, I had to learn the specifics of what I wanted to accomplish and the lens I wanted to buy because they are not cheap and I didn't want to get one that wasn't really a dedicated macro.

With a dedicated macro, I can photograph insects up close making them look huge and present great details.   In future writings, I will add more images of macro work.  The image presented today, "Red Tulips in the Sun" was done with a macro and allowed a close view of the flower.