Thursday, March 22, 2012

From The Dog's Paw - Dog Photography by Allen

I have wanting, for quite some time, to start photographing dogs for a rescue group and for clients.  For some reason, I hadn't been able to completely get my act or ideas on the subject together.

Late last year, I was able to work with PetConnect Rescue as a volunteer photographer and gained experience in that area.  I am absolutely loving it.  So, with that, I started working towards develop a product service of photographing Dogs and Cats and came up with the name "Paw Pals Photography by Allen."

Departing my ways of a stuffy artist, "Paw Pals Photography" is about getting great and fun pics of your dog or cat with little or no computer editing.  I try to bring out the personality of your pet in images you will cherish. You can use the images on prints, gallery wraps and certain


products.  Or, you can order a CD of high resolution images and print them yourself.   All you need to do is contact me, via email ( and I will send you an info. sheet and a contract.  Once a date is selected the funs begins and you'll be on your way to photographs of your special companion.  My work, for now, is limited to residents of Northern Virginia and Prince Georges and Montgomery Counties in Maryland.

Have a dog or cat recently diagnosed with a terminal illness?  Want photographs for memories?   Please contact me at to learn about "Project Smiles."