Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Itch -be Careful!!!!

I have to share this thought with you today.  Since it has been so warm in late winter, not even spring, "officially",  yet, I find myself thinking I need to go buy my annuals, mulch, perennials and get everything all done before too late in the season.  Be care the "Spring Itch" doesn't itch you so bad you go out and buy all these plants only to find out-

"Spring's Crocus"
Well, March 17, is way too early in the Northern Virginia area to plant annuals.  Realistically speaking, we could still have a snowstorm or frost.  As people have laughed about this statement, I remember many years ago, snowstorms dumping 1-2 feet of snow around March 23-25.

If you bought and planted annuals, not only do you risk a snow killing them, but a frost could do the same.  The frost date here in May 10. After that, you can, supposedly, get them in the ground and not worry.

And, of course with annuals, you can cover them with plastic to prevent them from dying in during a frost, but the weight of snow will crush them.  Also, I've not had much luck with covering annuals.  Maybe it's just me, but the last few years I brought 2 Gerber Daisy plants in April, that I knew I would not be able to find later in the season.  I was correct.  However, when I covered them, as instructed, I noticed the flowers didn't bloom nearly as well throughout the season as in years past.

So, today, though warm it might be, I won't be planting annuals or perennials (these will be done in April), but am looking forward to starting yard clean-up and trimming some bushes in desperate need of whacking- yes, my neighbors know and have taken precautions for their children and animals and themselves too.   Happy Gardening.