Monday, November 17, 2014

Happy Birthday (You Know Who You Are!)

I have a friend who has taught me about male friendship.  How fun it can be to hang out with the guys- I never thought that was even possible or remotely interesting.  He's proven me wrong more than a few times in his caring way.

In our conversations, one of the striking things about him is his acknowledgement of God.  Whatever comes his way, "it's the way God's got life planned, it's how God wants it to be-"  That has been a strong encouragement to me.

He's gotten a year older today. I can't place enough candles on the graphic to mark each year as it would set the blog on fire.  And, I won't mention his name but he knows who he is and he can't deny that God created a great guy.

Happy Birthday (You Know Who You Are!)

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