Monday, October 10, 2016

Dog Photography! "Weimaraner Perspective"

"Weimaraner Perspecive"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved

When I go on a photography shoot whether its to support a local dog or cat rescue or for a client, I like to photograph the dogs from every perspective I see.

After learning about a client's dog and the photographs they would like to have, I will work to create images which will remind them of their beloved companion for many years to come.  Sometimes these are created at the pets home or a favorite local park. I will stay away from dog parks because there are too many distractions.  

As I am photographing the dog, I will shoot from different angles being as creative as I'd like. If I think I've gotten some "artistically creative" images that I might want to share with the client, I will let them know so if our "tastes" don't match up, they won't think I am too crazy.

An excellent aspect of being creative while shooting is capturing something you enjoy and can do on other shoots.   Always remember, you can be as creative as you like as you can easily delete unwanted files.