Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sunday's Thought

(C) Storyblocks, Used by Permission

The Christmas season approaches faster and faster every year- this year no exception.  I've noticed, this year, there seems to be quite a few organizations and churches reaching out to those who lost loved ones this past year.  The idea is to help people get through the Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year's holiday season.

I agree it can be a lonely time. Over a few short years, my parents and brother passed away. I remember the lonely feeling of being alone on this planet.  While it was different and quite a few things in my life changed, I noticed a much stronger love and comfort which I had never felt before.

The comfort of friends and family meant quite a bit during that time and seemed to help over the years after my family's deaths. When they were all gone home and back to work is when the loneliness and grieving seemed to happen. However, I noticed the strong love and comfort of Jesus Christ being there throughout all of the time of losing my family and throughout the years after.

Christmas is an awesome season for many reasons. First, I love the celebration of Christ's Birth with all the decorations, Christmas music cantatas, and the Worship services at church during the month of December. For me, all of this brings back a flood of awesome memories of my parents and me during Christmas while I was growing up.

Mom used to love to decorate the house with a Christmas tree and the many ceramic pieces she made. Our home always had a festive touch to it. For Dad, it was all about the music of the season. He was the Minister of Music and always prepared the Christmas Cantatas, the solos, the Hymns, the- whatever else music- for the Christmas services at church. He was forever singing around the house especially if he had a solo. Dad and Mom had designed and built an outdoor Charlie Brown Christmas and Nativity set out of plywood which we would set out in the front yard every Christmas. I miss these moments and enjoy the memories of Christmases past.

I miss my parents quite a bit during the Christmas season and it's usually the time that I forget they've passed away and want to call them about an event or help with something.  It's all good.

As time passed, I've noticed God has given provided a peace and comfort which passes all understanding. It is difficult to explain and write about as it's more peace and comfort than what a person would think peace and comfort would be. I know this is probably difficult to understand but it is a Gift from God to those who trust, love, and accepted Him into their lives as Savior and Lord.

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