Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sunday's Thought!

New Year
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Each New Year’s Eve has me thinking about what I did right and what I did wrong in this past year and how I can improve myself in those areas. Or maybe better said what went right, what went wrong. You’d think by the time you got my age, one would be perfect but that just doesn’t happen.

2017 was a great year. I spent quite a bit of time traveling and working on my business. I decided I might not live long enough to see all I want to see so why not see as much as I can while I know I can go see all I want to see.  Not that I expect to die at an early age or anything but none of us are guaranteed another minute or another day in life. Just the moment we took the breath and lived through it.

Water Workout
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After my first year of retirement taking a look at what I want to do with this newfound freedom, I decided I wanted to build my photography and writing business. Also, I decided that I don’t want to be “crazy busy” anymore. Too much stress and headaches. I love working with clients photographing their furry friends while providing services and products at great prices. I enjoy photographing nature and railroads too so I began exploring those areas. 

Another focus to improve will be exercise consistently. Sometimes I let other things get in the way of swimming or walking my dog. Though I got the priorities in order the last half of 2017. I will focus on that more and maybe add a bit of weight lifting too. An app I use has a yearly contest where you can compete against yourself to do better in the new year. I signed up and we’ll see how well I do. Exercise is always a good place to start a New Year.

A primary focus for 2018 will be to learn more about God! I love reading Bible Prophecy from scholars who explain the Book of Revelation and the prophecies in the Books of Daniel, Ezekiel and others in ways which I can understand since I am not a scholar. These guys are awesome in their writing style and discussion of today’s events which is a fascination to me. However, they never predict a date in which Jesus Christ will return to earth to take Christians to heaven. If you read about someone who gives a date when Jesus will return, run! The person is not worth any attention.

Bible Study, Christian
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At the pool last week, one of my liberal friends said the Christians she has met were some of the nastiest, meanest and grouchiest people she has ever met. Unfortunately, I couldn’t disagree with her as I’ve been a victim of some of those people too. Their attitudes and mannerisms aren’t what Christ intended us to be. They often hurt people without even realizing it. One of the points I learned in discussion with my friend was to discuss how imperfect we humans are and we often make mistakes, sometimes without realizing it. I wondered how many people are not attending church or not Christians because of what someone has said or done to them. This is really a shame because they are missing the blessing of Christ and knowing Him.  We shouldn’t base our serving Christ and attending Worship Services on what someone has said or done, no matter how many times it happens. A goal in 2018 will be to share the Gospel as often as I can especially to reach those who other Christians have turned off.

I am not a theologian or Bible Scholar, in many ways I wish I were, but I am a Christian who knows the Blessings of following Christ throughout my life. I know that Christ has taken care of me throughout my life. I have have been happy and content. Now, understand, this isn’t saying that I have had a perfect life without any problems nor has it made me wealthy. However, I have been happy and content with only a contentment Christ can provide. I am not worried or concerned about what the New Year 2018 may hold as it’s all in God’s Hands and in His Control.

If you would like to learn more about following Christ, please visit Peace with God.

New Year 2018
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