Monday, May 14, 2018

National Train Day!

"CSX Rounding a Curve at Harper's Ferry"
(C) Allen Pearson
Saturday was National Train Day, a day set aside by the powers that be and note these things as a way to bring attention to the awesome role in our lives trains play. Without the hard work of the railroads in this country, our economy and the ability to have pretty much whatever we want and can afford within a reasonable good distance from wherever we live, we wouldn't have nearly most items we frequently use in our lives.

Trains play a role on the highways and interstates in the USA too. If there were no trains, the increased truck traffic would be beyond ridiculous bringing many, if not all, roadways to a  halt. There is a "rock train" which runs near my home almost every day. The train hauls rock to different locations in Northern Virginia and keeps hundreds of dump trucks off the road. Which, in this area, is really awesome as the traffic already a standstill during rush hours.

For me, I am foraying into the world of learning about trains, the railroads, and their history.  As a young boy through my teen years, it was a treat to me to watch the trains going by my grandmother's house in West Virginia. These magnificent machines captivated me as a child and again as a retired guy. 

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