Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday's Thought!

(C) Allen Pearson

Honoring our Mother’s

It seems like only yesterday that I was enjoying time with my mother. My wife and I would invite my parents over to help with gardening/yard work, which was one of my mother’s favorite things to do, and a dinner of grilled steak and baked potatoes. Mom always loved the time she could spend with her son and daughter-in-law. Invariably, Mom would have an idea for gardening or planting a flower or a design for an area of the yard to make it prettier and we would do it. She loved every minute of it.

As I was growing up, Mom stayed home to take care of us. She didn’t take a job outside the home until I was in high school, and even that, it was part-time. She was always there for whatever I needed. I didn’t realize how awesome that was of her until later in life. 

I remember times when I was sick, mom would be there to nurse me back to better health. She always seemed to know the “right remedy” to make me well. Somehow, she knew when something was bothering me and would try to help by wanting to listen. Of course, I was having no part of that but she tried.
One thing I always knew about mom. When the world seemed to be against me or maybe even just the obnoxious kid or bully teenager, my mom was always there to encourage me and let me know she loved me. 

A memory of mom I hope I never forget, when I went back to school after breaks, she would cry for a few minutes because she missed me and had loved the time spent with us in the summer or Christmas and Spring breaks. 

When my mom passed away several years ago, it was like a huge part of me was gone. To this day, I miss her and think of her often. I can't count the number of times I have almost picked up the phone to call her with a question about gardening only to realize that heaven doesn't have phones. A part of life that I have been very thankful for is the time I spent with Mom even after I got married. Though I could not be there all the time, there were times I could which created great memories to help me through the grieving when she passed.

My mom was a Christian lady who read her Bible, went to church and had become a Christian at a very early age. She was always concerned about my faith and belief in God. I will never forget when I decided to change denominations, though it was to another Christian denomination, she was worried about my salvation and often talked to me about it. She wanted me to be sure and not to make a mistake which would affect me for the rest of my life and eternity. That was love, honest and true love for her son. Mom realized later that the denomination change was the best for me as I learned quite a bit more about God and Jesus.

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And, oh yeah, no Mom is perfect. She drove me crazy at times like many Mom's do to their kids. But, that's no reason to miss time with my mom and creating memories that will last.