Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday's Thought!

"Cooper's Hawk"
(C) Allen Pearson

Many years ago now, I discovered the art of digital photography. I found it to be an awesome way to create memories of life as it happens. Not long into learning the techniques of photography, I began to explore photographing nature. I still remember some advice given to me by an instructor at Ritz Camera, "Yes, there are rules in photography which you should learn and pay attention to when you photograph. However, do not let these stop you from exploring and even breaking the rules. You never know what you will discover and learn. You might create a work of art!" While I never really created a work of art, I have had many great years of exploring nature.

"Spring Phlox by Tree Stump"
(C) Allen Pearson
As I took the instructor's advice, I decided I needed to have a unique perspective on my photography work. While there are many great nature photographers in the world, each has their own "focus." I decided mine would be to photograph the unique beauty of nature, to find it's brilliance which is often overlooked and share through photography. Also, I wanted to do it in a way which respects nature. So, I learned quite a bit about nature and what I would be photographing.

While I was learning about the awesome world of nature. I learned what an interesting, complex, and fascinating world it is. One critter exists to feed another one or this plant serves this purpose or that one. It all comes together to create an incredible universe for us to live.

Another aspect of nature that I never really gave much thought too is that I know the Creator of the awesome beauty that I love and photograph. I met Him many years ago when I was just a child and my parents took me to church. I got to know Him even better when I became a Christian not too many years later. Sometimes, it's sometimes hard to comprehend how the complexity and beauty yet so simply beautiful of the natural world can be. How could any of this just come together? God created it in His time. He created you too,

Do you know the Creator? He is God who loves you more than anything in this universe. If you would like to follow Jesus and become a Christian? If so, please visit Jack Graham, Power Point Ministries.

"Humble Bumble and Purple Cone Flower"
(C) Allen Pearson