Sunday, October 7, 2018

Sunday's Thought!

(C) Allen Pearson

Over the past several weeks, I have been listening to or watching bits of the news and sometimes even discussing it with friends. I usually avoid the news because it sometimes stresses me. Also, it seems, the news is full of violence which isn't very beneficial to me.

The political news over the confirmation these past few weeks has repeatedly brought a thought to my mind. Not political thoughts, but another thought of more importance. The thought which came to mind repeatedly is, "How thankful I am that Jesus Christ has forgiven me of my sins, my wrongs, and the like. In God's eyes, I am forgiven."

Jesus forgiving me of my sins doesn't mean that there is no consequence, nor can I go out and do it again and it's not a get out of jail free pass either. It means that He has forgiven me and given me the gift of eternal life in Heaven with Him.  Though sometimes it's hard to do, I am supposed to forgive myself and move on. If I need to make amends to someone, that should be done too.

The amazing part of this is Jesus doesn't come back to me, after I've asked forgiveness, and say "Hey- remember when you ......" or "Are you going to do that again?" or "I know what you did, and you cannot escape it, I will tell everyone." He forgives and forgets. Many times, I find that hard to believe, Seems like God should be pointing His Fingers at me. But, it's true and He doesn't.

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