Sunday, December 2, 2018

Sunday's Thought!

"The Nativity"
Photo by Gareth Harper on Unsplash

Merry Christmas! It seems like I may have already wished you Merry Christmas. I know that's not possible because I rarely start wishing people Merry Christmas until Thanksgiving. The retailers started decorating their stores before the children went back to school and it seems like I've been bombarded with Christmas advertising since almost that far back. And, the Hallmark channel seems to have been counting down their Christmas movie marathon since the last one ended. I'm sure you've heard this before, Christmas has become way too commercialized. Its taken the true meaning of the season away.

Around this time of year, I begin thinking about whether I have bought the gifts I need to buy or do I need to buy someone something? I don't want to forget my wife and there are a few friends I don't want to forget either. Also, I start thinking about what decorations I will use this year and when to put them up. So, I keep the season simple enough to enjoy while making sure not to forget those so very important to me.

Thus, begins another Christmas season. Before long, the night sky will be lit by all the lights and decorations making such a beautiful celebration. Driving through the neighborhood and even some cities are sights to behold.

However, the season is more about the Birth of Jesus, loving your fellow man, sharing gifts with those you love than giving the most expensive gift you can find or decorating to the hilt!

Years ago, I used to get stressed out about the Christmas season because I wasn't comfortable with giving presents to everyone in the office or participating in some of their holiday games or parties. It was because the season is a special time of celebration for me, one I celebrate with family and close friends. Once I came to the realization that Christmas is what it is for me, a celebration of Christ's Birth, I began enjoying it much more.

Unfortunately, Christmas can be a time of loneliness and maybe even despair. Sometimes, people who cannot afford to buy everyone they know or work with a gift, they become depressed or sad because they need the money for something more important like food, living expenses and the like. I know for me, sometimes I feel lonely because my parents are deceased and gone to Heaven.

Christmas is about the Birth of Jesus Christ and celebrating it. We give gifts to those we love because we want to do so. For me, I love receiving a small handmade gift from a friend. I have a small nativity a friend made about 30 years ago. I keep it because it was made from the heart. Though my parents are gone, I may get together with some friends to celebrate. I don't make myself do this, since I'm really more of an introvert, but it's a happy way to celebrate Christ's Birth.

If you are stressing about another Christmas season being here and having to go into debt to buy all those Christmas presents or are feeling really lonely, take the time to meet Jesus during this season. Learning more about Jesus and becoming a Christian isn't the "cure all" for everything that ails you but He will bless you and make your life awesome. A journey of life which words, written or spoken, cannot even be to explain.

It all begins with accepting Christ as your personal Savior. If you would like to learn more about Jesus and the Christian life, please visit Peace With God.